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Happy Society

Sacred Shrooms

Sacred Shrooms

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Meet our medicinal mushroom & cacao blend, ready to please the senses & nourish the body. 

A mix of certified organic medicinal mushrooms, tasty maca and Peruvian cacao, plus calming ashwagandha. This vitamin D rich blend aims to assist in balancing your mood, energy & stress levels as well as boost your immunity & increase brain power. Cacao also enhances the medicinal properties of the mushrooms and creates a tasty drink you can enjoy hot or cold. 


Packaged in a 250ml Amber glass jar.

Approximate weight 80g

Artwork by Melissa Grisancich

Ingredients: maca powder*, Peruvian cacao*, reishi mushroom powder*, shiitake mushroom organic*, astragalus powder*, ashwagandha root powder*

*Australian Certified Organic

By Happy Society

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