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Happy Society

Olive Wax Pillar Candle | Large

Olive Wax Pillar Candle | Large

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Light with intention. Happy Society aromatherapy candles are for pleasure, mood, well being & ritual.

Hand poured, waste free pillar candles made by Happy Society's Melbourne Artisanal candle maker using pure olive wax & essential oils. 

Burn with intention. Happy Society aromatherapy candles are for pleasure, mood, well being & ritual.

Pillars are blended with the following essential oils: 



Aromatherapeutic Profile: eases anxiety and stress, grounding

Ritual: spiritual awareness, purifying, prosperity and luck

Pair with: patchouli, sweet orange


To get the most out of your candle please read our candle care & safety instructions here

Our large size pillars are the double the height of our small pillar candle. Due to the natural state of olive wax, slight imperfections, colour & scent may vary slightly between batches. This pillar may create beautiful dripping wax so please ensure you have it on a heatproof, stain resistant surface.

Height: 15 cm
Diameter: 6 cm 
Burn time up to 60 hours

By Happy Society

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