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Mayde Tea

Cacao Cinnamon Spice - Loose Leaf Tea

Cacao Cinnamon Spice - Loose Leaf Tea

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A sweet, refreshing blend created to support digestion, stabilise blood sugar levels and improve circulation. The balance of sweet and aromatic spices with honeybush and cacao nibs results in a soothing, palate-cleansing tea.


Cacao nibs / cinnamon / ginger / honeybush

Cacao nibs contain natural traces of caffeine.

Brewing instructions:

1 tsp/250ml, 3-5 minutes at 90 degrees.


Tea tube / 40 serves loose leaf tea. Tea tube and lid are fully recyclable.
Amber glass jar / 120 serves loose leaf tea. Designed to refill, maintain freshness and protect the therapeutic value of the tea. Fully recyclable besides freshness seal. Size of jar is 1L.

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